The Summer Abroad Series

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When Pippa lands an internship in Ireland with Finn Burke, she thinks she's found her ticket. Until he fires her, rehires her, and kisses her—and that’s just her first day on the job. Finn knows he shouldn't get involved with Pippa, but he can’t stay away... 


A 2018 International Book Awards Finalist—Romance


A 2018 Reader's Favorite Book Award Finalist —New Adult Category


The Education of


Uma Gallagher’s been trying to move on ever since Caden Hannigan left her in Dublin two years ago. She’s hoping for a fresh start when a teaching opportunity from Trinity College in Ireland rolls in. Yet with her future school on Caden’s former stomping grounds, she might just find a new round of old ghosts.

Pop sensation Caden Hannigan never took things too seriously—especially his music. But after he met and lost the love of his life, Uma Gallagher, the pain propelled his career. Now, Grammy-winner Caden is one song short of a completed second album, and he’s got no idea what to write. Frustrated, he heads home to where it all began, to find a new muse.

The day of Uma’s first class dawns and the impossible happens. Caden’s in her lecture hall—in disguise! When she comes face-to-face with the man her heart can’t forget, she’ll either find the strength to craft her goodbye or let Caden be the one to teach her a thing or two.



Cassidy Quinn


Gemma McKay is a dreamer . . . 


Gemma McKay is a hopeful romantic, who's always had her head in the clouds. When she's not visiting faraway places, she's dreaming of them. One of her favorites is—you guessed it—Ireland! She's got a bucket list a mile long of spots she'd love to visit. Until then, her books will have to suffice.

Her first book, The Internship of Pippa Darling, is a 2018 International Book Awards Finalist in Romance. The Education of Uma Gallagher, the second book in her summer abroad series, releases in 2019. Gemma writes young adult books under the pseudonym, Stephanie Keyes.

Gemma is also an adjunct faculty member at the Community College of Allegheny County in Pittsburgh, PA, where she lives with her husband, two boys, and two dogs. 

Photo courtesy Kristina Serafini Photography

Photo courtesy Kristina Serafini Photography